January 15, 2008


Beach Boys & Grateful Dead at the Fillmore East in April 1974.

TRUCKIN' USA is song was written by myself and good friend musician Dave Grooms.

I was inspired to write the lyrics were based on two events: the Annual JERRY DAZE Concert that Dave and I produce here locally, and the strange but wonderful meeting of these two bands...not once, but twice. First on the East Coast (at the Fillmore, not the Winterland as I wrote in the song...artistic license you know!), then a few years later on the West Coast. To date the is the only song I've ever had a part in writing.

The two bands also shared the stage at Bill Graham's Day on the Green concert, at the Oakland Coliseum, June 8, 1974. The bill that day was: The Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and Commander Cody.

"Grateful" Dave & I also co-illustrated that year's Jerry Daze poster (above), he doing the water color background & portrait of Jerry, myself adding the hand lettering & frills.

Look for JERRY DAZE to return this spring!

music by Dave Grooms, lyrics by "Java" John

I got a six-pack of bettys and I'm lookin' for a swell
I'm jackin' up mu Woody 'cause it's flat as hell
And I'm Truckin', Truckin' USA

Cocoa Beach, Laguna, and far and near
I'm eatin' the beach, and I'm smackin' the pier
And I'm Truckin', Truckin', Truckin' USA

It was a wonder at Winterland, oh what a thrill,
The Beach Boys and Dead were on a double bill.
Micro bus cruisin' and I'm surfin' the dial,
KSAN radio to QAM, ah, truckin', truckin' all the while

Truckin', Truckin' USA

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought I heard the word,
look at me know I'm the Surfin' Bird.
And I'm Truckin', Truckin' USA

Oh no now I'm old & in the way,
but every bleach blonde has got a touch of grey
And I'm Truckin', Truckin', Truckin' USA

Now I'm looking for my little Surfer Girl-
East Coast, West Coast and every shore.
But all I hear is "don'cha know, Berta don't come around here anymore -
She's Truckin', Truckin' USA

Vibrations are good, strange in a haze,
were gonna follow that Dark Star to another Jerry Daze.
Tell Dennis & Carl, we're Truckin' USA

We're Truckin' USA
Truckin' USA

Truckin' USA

Grateful Dead

Beach Boys

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