January 21, 2008

RINGO is having a PARTY!

And We're All invited!!

Last week Ringo Starr released his newest, the acclaimed LIVERPOOL 8. Some reports are saying that this is the best Ringo material since the mid `70's. And that's saying something because several of his recent CDs (in the past 15 years) like Vertical Man, Choose Love, and Time Takes Time ALL had some wonderful tunes on them.

In celebration of this new release , Ringo Starr & Dave Stewart will perform a set of Ringo's songs LIVE at an exclusive event - 1pm PST this Friday, January 25 at the L.A. House Of Blues There will ALSO be a LIVE webcast on Ringo's official site!

Amoeba Music in Hollywood and Los Angeles' KLOS 95.5 FM are giving you a chance to 'bypass the line' and guarantee your entry! (See Ringo's Site for Details)...damn, I'd be there if I were on that coast. If anyone goes, please report back!

Another favorite band of mine London's VAN TRAMP, will have their own live webcast the night before Ringo's. This is from their MySpace: "Don't live in London? Can't come to the Borderline gig on Thursday? Well you don't have to miss out on the action as the show is being streamed live over the Internet. See the banner at the top of our MySpace front page for more info and links..."

Ringo Starr: Liverpool 8 Track listing:

1. Liverpool 8
2. Think About You
3. For Love
4. Now That She’s Gone Away
5. Gone Are The Days
6. Give It A Try
7. Tuff Love
8. Harry’s Song
9. Pasodobles
10. If It’s Love That You Want
11. Love Is
12. R U Ready?


my portrait signed by ringo!

Ringo performed on the Letterman show tonight, playing the title track from "Liverpool 8" - Classic Ringo!

The first time I saw Ringo live he flew down to Miami Beach (BOAC) with The Beach Boys after their annual concert in Washington D.C. on the afternoon of July 4th, 1984. The Beach Boys decided to do another free concert on the beach that same day! Ringo came out to sing "Back in the USSR", and play drums on "Fun, Fun, Fun" and another tune while the fireworks went off!, whew! Also on hand were the three vocalists from Three Dog Night, and Justin Hayward & John Lodge of the Moody Blues.

On July 9th 2006, my wife and I had the pleasure of bringing (our then 8yr old) son to see Ringo and his All-Starr band in Concert! What a night, Ringo still has it!

Ringo Starr/Beach Boys Miami Beach July 4th-1984

Ringo Starr - Back in the U.S.S.R.mp3




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