January 11, 2008

The Other Face of Rod Stewart

A few days ago Rod Stewart celebrated his 63rd Birthday...Happy bloody Birthday Rod!
OK, I know, I've heard it all. But Rod from time to time still cuts a good tune (though I'm not often crazy about his recent full length CDs) , and the last time I saw him live (1994) he was still pretty great.

BUT for me, and many others, The ideal setting for Rod was the band THE FACES! Although the Faces came after the Rolling Stones I can hear their influence on the Stones (even prior to the Stones stealing Woody). I can also hear their influence on any number of bands over the last several decades including (of course) The Black Crowes, and one of my favorite new bands out of England VAN TRAMP (more about them soon, promise!).

Last year, the kind folks over at Rhino Records sent me a copy of the amazing Faces Box Set "Five Guys Walk Into A Bar"...a labor of love produce by the band's keyboardist IAN MACLAGAN. 4 discs, chock FULL of the hits, previously unreleased material, and a terrific 60 page booklet. Many of the highlights for me are the alternate takes, and the Live/BBC recordings. Which include - Maggie May, Maybe I'm Amazed, Bad 'n' Ruin, Angel, Stay with Me, The Stealer, Love in Vain, and Flying to name a few.

Sadly, Ian lost his best bloke, (Faces bassist, vocalist) Ronnie Lane after a long battle to multiple sclerosis in 1997. "5 Guys" is dedicated to him.

Anyway, back to Rod. Do yourself a favor and get any Faces recordings, and several of the first few Rod "solo" records, which usually featured the Faces backing him up (I think that was a corporate move - although Rod didn't seem to fight it).

Titles to look for:
Faces: Long Player, A Nod is as Good as a Wink...to a Blind Horse, Ooh La La, and Coast to Coast/Overtures and Beginners (one of my all time favorite Live albums).
Rod: Every Picture Tells a Story, Never a Dull Moment, Smiler, and Atlantic Crossing.

Rhino Records

Ian MacLagen's Macpages

buy Ronnie Lane Slim Chance

Van Tramp's Website


Allan said...

I loved The Faces, and enjoy hearing them on RP.

Do you remember Python Lee Jackson?

Mississippi Songbird said...

Great posts and thanks for the MP3 links's