January 17, 2008


The Turtles & Bob Lind

Diane, "Java" John, George, and Mark Volman at a Turtles Concert in Orlando' 88.

Bob Lind, and Mark Volman of the Turtles were among my first guests on the Acoustic Record radio show in 2006...Bob in the opening week. Both had very kind words to speak of each other, although Mark thought that Bob went a little soft in the lyric department after The Turtles covered Bob's biting "Down in Suburbia".

We all know of the wild success the Turtles had in the 60's, but to many Bob Lind is a little more obscure...a supposed one hit wonder if you will. Bob's classic "Elusive Butterfly (of love)" made it to #5 in the Billboard in the spring of 1966, but most don't know much more about him.

What folks don't know is that Bob's songs like "Mr. Zero", "Eleanor", and "Drifter's Sunrise" have been covered by hundreds of artists -- including Richie Havens, Eric Clapton, Sonny & Cher, The Blues Project, Hugh Masekela, Bobby Sherman, Keith Relf (Yardbirds), Marianne Faithful Glen Campbell, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, Hoyt Axton, and Petula Clark to name a few.

Lind took a 30 year break from the music business in 1969. He now lives in Florida continues to write. Bob returned to the music business in recent years, when he began performing again and established an official website. Shortly after he release the wonderful LIVE AT THE LUNA STAR CAFE CD. That CD includes a live version of "Butterfly" and a few other of his popular early tunes, along with some new material including, my favorite: "Sophia's Lullaby"...a touching song he wrote after friends of his surprised him when the adopted a Chinese baby girl.

I hope to chat again soon with Bob, and have a promise to chat with the other Turtle Howard Kaylan real soon. But for now, enjoy "Down in Suburbia", "Sophia's Lullaby"...and a promo spot that I made with Mark Volman's help.

Turtles on Tour '08
January 26...Elgin IL., Hemmens Cultural Center

1...Newark New Jersey - HippieFest

29... Schenecady NY - Proctors Theater
Herman's Hermits, Turtles and others

April 4... Aurora IL - Paramount Arts Theater Herman's Hermits and Turtles

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in 2007, Ace Records (UK) released Elusive Butterfly: The Complete 1966 Jack Nitzsche Sessions

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