January 12, 2008

Solo on Saturday


On some Saturdays I think I'll share with you the solo side of artists who were made popular by their bands. Starting with a friend....

Singer/songwriter John Hall had his first real success when JANIS JOPLIN cover the song "Half Moon", and THE TYMES recorded "Miss Grace", both written by John and then wife Johanna.
He then formed the Band ORLEANS in Woodstock, 1972, with Larry Hoppen & Wells Kelly. By 1975 they had their first hit with "Dance With Me", in '76 their big hit was "Still The One". After several other hits, and a few albums Hall left for a solo career & to co-found M.U.S.E. (Musicians United for Safe Energy). He carried on with the John Hall Group, and was a key figure in the (M.U.S.E.) NO NUKES Concerts Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, and Jackson Browne.

Fast forward a dozen years to 1999, John release his first solo CD, "Recovered", covering songs himself, that he had written and had become hits for Orleans and other artists - Janis, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Warnier, and others. That was followed by the awesome "Love doesn't Ask". On both of tours for those two records, we were lucky enough to has John perform at our coffeehouse Kool Beanz. The first time he asked if he could bring along a few friends - "sure! It's your gig!" I said. He brought along Freebo & Robbie Dupree. Too kool!

Around the time of his 2005 release "Rock me on the Water" (songs about the sea and sailing), John was seriously contemplating a career in politics. During a conversation at that time, he asked me if I thought that that was a good idea. I told him that I thought of all the people I know in music, he'd be the most qualified I could think of. Before he made his decision to run, I sent him this button mock-up!

On November 7, 2006 Hall was elected as a Democrat to the
United States House of Representatives from the state of New York!

Half Moon from "Recovered"

Sails recorded Live at Kool Beanz 1-27-01 (2nd set)

Reach - John Hall No Nukes Central Park 6-12-82

Congressman John Hall


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