February 27, 2008


The "Some of My Favorite Cover Songs" Section...

This here has been one on my all-time favorite songs ever since I first heard Linda Ronstadt sing it in 1975. Back then I had no idea who Jimmy Cliff (writer of the song) was, or that a handful of other folks had already covered it.

Jimmy had written the song and included it in his 1969 album Jimmy Cliff, he also included it in the soundtrack album for the 1972 film "The Harder They Come", in which he also starred. It is one of the few tunes that Jimmy added organ to (giving a nice gospel feel), and Rolling Stone Magazine included the song in their Top 500 Songs of All Time (#317).

The song is loved by millions, and covered by nearly as many! Here is just a sample of artists who have recorded Many Rivers: Stanley Turrentine, 1974; Harry Nilsson, 1974; Martha Reeves, 1974; Lorraine Ellison, 1974; Linda Ronstadt, 1975; Chelsea, 1977; The Walker Brothers, 1977; Desmond Dekker, 1980; Joe Cocker, 1982; UB40, 1983; Elvis Costello, 1988; Toni Childs, 1989; Cher, 1993; Oleta Adams, 1994; Tom Tom Club, 1996; Bill Withers, 1998; Ian Moore, 1999; Heather Nova, 1999; The Blind Boys Of Alabama, 2002; Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, 2002; Jimmy Barnes, 2004; The Brand New Heavies, 2004; Soweto Gospel Choir, 2004

Below are a few versions of this wonderful tune for your enjoyment, plus Desmond (The Isrealites) Dekker covering Ob-La-Di,Ob-La-Da (he is THE Desmond in the song), and the Melodian's Rivers of Babylon (another song I learned by Ronstadt) off "The Harder The Come" (Deluxe edition)....if you like what you hear, go out and buy the CDs!

The Banana River & Indian River Photos
by Java John

Many Rivers To Cross - Linda Ronstadt

Many Rivers To Cross2.mp3

Many Rivers to Cross - Harry Nilsson and John Lennon


Many Rivers To Cross - Joe

Many Rivers To Cross.mp3

Ob la di -Ob la da Desmond Dekker


Rivers of Babylon - The Melodians

riversof babylon.mp3








February 24, 2008


In Theaters NOW!

Yesterday we went to the theater to see the (wide release) opening weekend of of U2's phenomenal, and ground breaking new concert film U23D. Very kool indeed. These guys just constantly lift the bar higher and higher without losing the heart and soul of the band.

Sadly I was feeling a bit under the weather while watching, which distracted me from the film a bit, especially when I had to excuse myself for a few moments. But, I will say that the 3D effects delvoped by 3ality Digital is incredible! At one point it seemed as if you could reach out and slap Bono five.

The ticket price was about twice that of a regular movie, but it is the premiere of the new technology, so I hope the price goes down as more 3D features are released. I would still suggest that everyone go see this while it is in the theaters (they say it won't go to DVD).

As much as I enjoyed the film, I can't help but to think how amazing it would have been would have been if it had been used for the highly visual ZOOtv tour film (one of my favorite concert films) which was recently released on DVD for the first time.

I also enjoyed seeing the band's first feature film "Rattle and Hum" on it's opening day back in 1989 in Ft. Lauderdale. A great document of the band's Joshua Tree Tour in America. I recently saw the film again, and it stands the test of time, as does the newly issued 20th Anniversary package of the Joshua Tree album.

a few other U2 films:
U2 - Elevation Tour 2001 - Live from Boston
U2 - Vertigo 2005 - Live From Chicago
U2 Go Home - Live From Slane Castle
U2: Popmart Live from Mexico City

here are a few vintage U2 live recording for your enjoyment:

People Get Ready - Osaka '89

People get ready.mp3

Maggie's Farm -NJ '85

Maggie's Farm.mp3


February 20, 2008



REBA, Phish, February 20th, 1993
(Atlanta, GA - Roxy Theater)

Okay, you may be thinking of another REBA. She's not here. The Reba we are talking about is a song by the band Phish. An epic masterpiece, it is considered by many to be the band at their best, and on this particular night, the best performance of said song. This is the 15th Anniversary of the classic performance at the Roxy in Atlanta.

I just finished listening to this version REBA for the first time, and yes(!) it is quite a number. Reminds me of Uncle Frank Zappa, and indeed shows of the technical and artistic prowess of the band. A band that is always at their best live. Below you will find an MP3 of the tune (thanks to Andy Gadiel's Phish Blog), but first....

...The real reason for posting tonight, this book PHANART: The Art of the Fans of Phish
The book is not-for-profit, with the creator, Pete Mason, donating all net proceeds to charity, specifically, the Mockingbird Foundation, for music education. he's been selling shirts and posters on his website, www.phanart.net, to help defray costs of putting the book together. check them out and pick one up -its all for a good cause. The poster/shirt is 'what i learned on phish tour', and the other shirt is 'golgi/google', reminscent of the many corporate logo spoofs phish fans made over the years. support Phanart and support music education!

The commeorative poster I drew for the Phish Big Cypress NYE2000 Concert is included in the book, as well as a few other of my pieces.

Our friend Chief Jim Billie (who performed at our coffeehouse 11/99) invited us to the Big Cypress concert...the show featured the Phish performing 5 sets (for a total of 18 hours) over the final two evenings of the last millennium (until sunrise on the first day of 2000) for about 90,000 delirious phans. I had no idea that drawing Phish posters had been a tradition among the band's fans for years! A few years later, Pete contacted me after he saw my poster online and invited my to be a part of this wonderful book...can't wait for it to be published! Below are also a few MP3's from Big Cypress including one of the opening numbers with Chief Jim Billie, and the one that aired on ABC television that night .

A few other the other many, many artists featured in PHANART: The Art of the Fans of Phish: Scramble Campbell, Ryan Kerrigan, Kurt Vonnegut, Noah Phence, Dysphunktion Junction, and Rick Benson.

Click Here to Listen to my Interview with Phanart Pete

Reba 2/20/93 Atlanta


Chief Jim Billie and Phish

08 Big Alligator Song.mp3

Heavy Things at Big Cypress and on ABC TV

02 Heavy Things.mp3






Chief Jim Billie Music

February 14, 2008


Christmas on Valentines Day...a night with Van Halen and my Baby! Whew what a night!

This was actually my 2nd VH show, the first was them opening for the Rolling Stones at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando 10/24/81. We drove all the way up from Miami, for an amazing show. Stones were great, Van Halen was great, and the Henry Paul Band was pretty amazing too.
A few songs into that show, David Lee said (speaking to the press box down front)..."Do you know what the first thing the press here in town is going to write about this show in tomorrow's paper?...How F@#K'd UP VAN HALEN was! (the crowd cheers)...and you know what the second thing they are going to write is? HOW F@#K'd UP THE AUDIENCE WAS!! (the crowd goes nuts!) ...well, this one's for THE PRESS!" David the moon's the press box, and the band kicked into So this is Love? Awesome.
There were several other things I remember well about that show. Michael Anthony played the most incredible bass solo I've ever heard, and the Stone's stage went to the sides of the football field, then had runways that went down to the 20 yardline on either side, but the access to the was roped off by Mick. David Lee said screw that, and used the whole stage!

Below is a typical setlist for that Fair Warning tour in 1981
(The last two dates of the tour they were opening for the Stones in Orlando
- the last time VH would open the show for anyone!).

On Fire
Sinner's Swing!
Hear About It Later
So This is Love?
Jamie's Cryin'
Runnin' With The Devil
Dance the Night Away*
Sunday Afternoon in the Park
Romeo Delight
Everybody Wants Some!!
Ice Cream Man
Mean Street
Feel Your Love Tonight
I'm the One
You Really Got Me
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

Last night in Orlando was pretty damn amazing as well! The hardest rocking concert I'd seen in years! The band kicked things off with a very loud "You Really Got Me", and ripped right into vintage VH "I'm The One". By the third song "Runnin' With The Devil", I was not sure if I could handle the volume!...they sounded great, but my stomach was churning (possible from anticipation and lack of food because of it), but anyway, two more songs in was an amazing "Somebody Get Me me a doctor" and then "Beautiful Girls", as I was singing along I just had to laugh at myself..and started to chill!

The Guys looked and sounded great. The stage was kinda different, looking like a big S that rose over the drum kit in the back, and into the crowd in the front....David and Wolfgang used it to full advantage, mostly David. Full of energy as always, you could tell he was happier than a pig in shit to be fronting his band again! As it should be. Next to him, Eddie (and Valerie Bertinelli's) 16 year old son Wolfgang (playing bass) seemed to have the best time. Eddie even seemed to be fine sharing some mic time with Dave.
At the midway point Alex took a long (and excellent) drum solo. Sometimes drum solos seem old fashioned these days, but not when it's expertly handled and with much innovation as big brother Van Halen did.

At the hour and a half mark, the boys said good night, but I knew it wasn't over! As the lights were down we heard the strumming of an acoustic guitar, but ibn the shadows it didn't look like Eddie...could it be Dave? Yes! The lights came up, and he went into a rap about their old hometown Pasdena...stories of girl friends, black lights, beer kegs, early gigs and ice cream trucks. Telling of how he would always promise a young latin beauty that he would play her favorite song for her at the next show if she would only come home with him tonight! He then kicked into the opening licks of one of my all time fave's "Ice Cream Man"..and the band came out and kicked ass!

After a rockin' "Panama", it was Eddie's turn. He came out, bare chested, and sat at the edge of the stage and played a lengthy (and rippin') guitar solo that included "Women in Love" intro, "Cathedral", "Eruption". Wow! Jennifer, who's not usually keen on loud screaming guitars sat mesmerized as the camera man zoomed in on Eddie fingers & smiling face - beaming it up on the big screen. When he ended he pretty much got a standing ovation. Flawless! They kicked into "Ain't talking 'bout Love", and said good night again.

photos by Java John

When the band came back to wrap up the night, they played "1984" and "Jump"...not my favorite of VH songs, byut they were awesome last night....the mirror ball lite up, Dave grabbed a blow-up microphone twice his size, and enough confetti came down to blanket the place. Hell Yeah! What a great show.

I've only got a few pieces of advice for the band...turn it down just a few notches (lots of compliants for folks in certain part of the crowd. AND stay friendly with each other! This is THE Van Halen line-up, and the world would love to hear more NEW music...and see more tours. Maybe for his 18th birthday Eddie will give Wolfie his own solo!!

ORLANDO February 14th 2008 Setlist
(the tix were a great Christmas present - Thanks Bill!).
You Really Got Me
I'm the One
Runnin' With the Devil

Romeo Delight

Somebody Get Me a Doctor
Beautiful Girls
Dance the Night Away

Atomic Punk

Everybody Wants Some

So This Is Love?

Mean Street
Pretty Woman
Drum Solo


I'll Wait

And the Cradle Will
Hot for Teacher
Little Dreamer
Little Guitars
Jamie's Cryin'

Ice Cream Man


Guitar Solo

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love




Below are afew MP3 treats that I gathered for other blogs. Namely: Music Is Music, Rock Music Daily, and Here Comes The Flood. Check 'em out.

Hot For Teacher, LIVE 1984

VanH - HotForTeacher.mp3

You Really Got Me, LIVE 1978


LGrange(!), LIVE 1976



February 12, 2008

And the GRAMMY goes to.....

Congratulations for winning the Best Historical Grammy for The Live Wire - Woody Guthrie 1949 Performance to Nora Guthrie and all the folks who worked on this wonderful project!

Well I made about 25 Grammy picks here the other night, and it looks like I got 9 right, and three of those (Alicia, Chaka, and Prince were purely guesses having not heard the material)...here are my winning picks:
Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
Best Pop Instrumental Performance - One Week Last Summer - Joni Mitchell
Best Female R&B Vocal Performance - No One - Alicia Keys
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance - Future Baby Mama - Prince
Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals - Disrespectful - Chaka Khan Featuring Mary J. Blige Best Traditional Folk Album - Dirt Farmer - Levon Helm
Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media
- Love - (George Martin/The Beatles)
Best Historical Album - The Live Wire - Woody Guthrie In Performance 1949

...of all of these, the Woody Guthrie pick was the one I was the most excited about! Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing members of the Guthrie Family - Arlo, Nora (producer of this disc), and Sarah Lee (Arlo's daughter, and fine folk artist in her own right). I also chatted with Woody's cohort Pete Seeger (soon to be 89 yrs old!). We all discussed lots of things over the course of four hours, but the thing that captivated me the most was the announcement of this newly found wire recording from 1949 (the only known live performance of Woody in existence), and a tour by Arlo and Family to back it up.

From the Woody Guthrie website: It all began in 2001, when a man named Paul Braverman sent a small package containing 2 spools of wire recordings to the Woody Guthrie Archives in New York City. He had discovered them while cleaning out his closet. He had made the recordings while a student at Rutgers University, using a small wire recorder which was briefly used in the late 1940's. He was a recording hobbyist and often recorded events and programs held by the Y in the late 40's and early 50's....read more

After the interviews, Arlo in
vited my wife and I down to West Palm Beach for the February 9th stop of THE GUTHRIE FAMILY LEGACY TOUR...Whew! What a night. Arlo was awesome as always, but what a treat to see him joined on stage by his family - daughter Sarah Lee (and her husband Johny Irion), son Abe, and granddaughter Olivia (Sarah and Johnny's girl). To close out the show, the first generation joined them when they debuted a clip from Woody's LIVE WIRE performance...I don't think there was a dry eye in the house! Though he had never heard his daddy perform in concert, the two of them have almost exactly the same humorous, rambling, happy go lucky vibe on stage!

One of the highlights of the night for me, was Sarah Lee and Johnny. I'd seen Arlo about four times before, but never Sarah. We had had her booked in our coffeehouse six years earlier, but she had to cancel after learning she was pregnant with Olivia. They were perfect this particular night.

my woody portrait

Here are a few snips of the Interviews I did with Arlo & Nora Guthrie, and Pete Seeger on January 30th, 2007. And a track off of the The Wire: Woody Guthrie CD.

Woody Guthrie from LIVE WIRE: Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ.mp3

chatting with Arlo Guthrie


chatting ith Arlo 2


chatting with Nora Guthrie

Nora about Woody 1.mp3

chatting with Pete Seeger







February 11, 2008


First off, I want to send a big Thank You to Denise over at the Handmade Department Store blog for running a feature on me and my art today! Very kool. Check her out...it's a new blog, and a great concept promoting artists!

On the heels of two more Grammys last night for the LOVE soundtrack (congratulations Beatles, George Martin & team), I thought we would check out some of the heady Fab Four history that takes place in the middle of February.

Best Surround Sound Album: The Beatles, Love -- Paul Hicks, surround mix engineer; Tim Young, surround mastering engineer; George Martin & Giles Martin, surround producers (The Beatles) [Apple/Capitol Records]

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media: Love (The Beatles) George Martin & Giles Martin, producers, Apple Records/Capitol Records. (Also nominated but not winning: Across the Universe.)

* NASA beams an MP3 of the Beatles' "Across the Universe" to Polaris, aka the North Star, a transmission that will take 431 years to reach its intended destination. The broadcast is a publicity stunt to variously commemorate the 50th anniversary of the space agency itself, the 45th anniversary of its Deep Space Network, the 40th anniversary of the song's recording—and the DVD release of director Julie Taymor's Beatles-based film musical of the same name.

1982, George Harrison presented UNICEF with a cheque for $9 million (£5.3 million), ten years after the fundraising concert for Bangladesh.

1981, John Lennon was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with 'Woman', his third No.1 in seven weeks.

1972, Paul McCartney's Wings played the first night of a UK College tour in Nottingham; the group arrived unannounced asking social secretaries if they would like them to perform that evening.

* The Official Beatles Fan Club is dissolved.

* John Lennon and Yoko Ono started a week long run as co-hosts on 'Mike Douglas' US TV show.

1970, John Lennon performed 'Instant Karma', on BBC TV's 'Top Of The Pops', becoming the first Beatle to have appeared on the show since 1966.

1969, Over Paul McCartney's objections, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr hire controversial record industry accountant Allen Klein to manage the Beatles. McCartney counters by naming his father-in-law's legal firm Eastman and Eastman as his personal manager and corporate counsel of Apple. The rift will lead to the band's dissolution a year later.

* John and Yoko were featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, on sale for 35 Cents, (2/6). John was named as Rolling Stone’s ‘Man Of The Year’.

* a launch party was held for Mary Hopkin at the Post Office Tower in London, guests included Jimi Hendrix, Donovan and Paul McCartney with his new girlfriend Linda Eastman.

1968, The Beatles record "Lady Madonna," "The Inner Light," and "Across the Universe."

1967, The Beatles recorded the orchestral build-up for the middle and end of ‘A Day in the Life’. At the Beatles' request, the orchestra members arrived in full evening dress along with novelty items. One violinist wore a red clown's nose, while another a fake gorilla's paw on his bow hand. Others were wearing funny hats and other assorted novelties. The recording was filmed for a possible ‘Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band’ television special which was ultimately abandoned.

1965, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr married his long-time girlfriend Maureen at Caxton Hall Register Office in London. John and George attended, Paul was away on holiday.

1964, Pan Am flight 101 was greeted by over 5,000 Beatles fans as it arrived at New York's JFK airport, bringing The Beatles to the US for the first time and causing riotous scenes as they touched down.

* The Beatles made their US live debut on CBS-TV's 'The Ed Sullivan Show'; they performed five songs including their current No.1 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' watched by an estimated 73 million people. The show had received over 50,000 applications for the 728 seats in the TV studio.

* The Beatles made their live concert debut in the US at the Washington Coliseum. Over 350 police surrounded the stage to keep the 8,000 plus screaming fans in control. One police officer who found the noise so loud, stuck a bullet in each ear as ear plugs. The Beatles had to stop three times and turn Ringo's drum kit around and re-position their microphones so that they faced a different part of the audience. The set list: ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, ‘From Me to You’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’, ‘This Boy’, ‘All My Loving’, ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, ‘Please Please Me’, ‘Till There Was You’, ‘She Loves You’, ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’, ‘Twist and Shout’, and ‘Long Tall Sally’.

1963, in less then ten hours, The Beatles record ten new songs for their first album plus four other tracks which would be the next two singles. John Lennon's vocal on The Isley Brothers 'Twist & Shout' was recorded in one take to complete the album.

1961, The Beatles appeared at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, for the very first time (as The Beatles), they would go on to make a total of 292 other appearances at the Club.

1958, George Harrison joined Liverpool group The Quarrymen. The group who were named after Lennon's school featured John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Len Garry, Eric Griffiths and John Lowe.

my portrait of George

I'm going to include a few Harrison treats tonight, since his is the earliest entry in tonight's Beatle History....

The Pirate Song; Aired December 26, 1975, Rutland Weekend Television





Handmade Department Store

February 10, 2008

Grammy Night!


should be an exciting night...for a change!
Scheduled performances tonight: John Fogerty with Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard; Foo Fighters, backed by an orchestra with guest conductor John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin; six-time Grammy winner Tina Turner with Beyoncé (nominated for two awards tonight), . Other performers include Aretha Franklin; Feist; Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban; Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Brad Paisley and John Legend; jazz pianist Herbie Hancock and classical pianist Lang Lang, and Rihanna. Kool.

Grammy Trivia:
* The first Grammy Awards were presented on May 4, 1959 in the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hilton. The Record of the Year was "Volare" by Domenico Modugno, Album of the Year was "Peter Gunn" by enry Mancini. Best R&B performance was "Tequila" by the Champs.

* The first Grammy given out for a Rap Performance was awarded to The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and DJ Jazzy Jeff in 1989.

* Stevie Wonder holds the record for most Grammys won by a solo artist with 19.

* Lauryn Hill broke Carol King's record for most wins by a female artist in one year with five Grammys in 1999.
Alicia Keys tied Lauryn's record in 2002, and Norah Jones also tied with five in 2004.

* U2 has won five Grammys, the most of any group in the Best Rock Duo or Group Performance category.

* Comic Robin Williams has won four Grammy Awards, including one for "Robin Williams Live at the Met on HBO," the culmination of a 23-city tour.

* The record for the most nominations in one year is held by two artists. Michael Jackson was nominated 12 times in 1983 and Babyface was nominated 12 times in 1992.

* Elvis Presley never won a Grammy in a top category, though he did win for his gospel music.

* Sinead O'Connor is the only artist to refuse a Grammy, declining to accept the award for Best Alternative Music Performance for "I Do No Want What I Haven't Got" in 1990.

my dear Grammy

20-odd 2008 Grammy Picks of Mine:

Record Of The Year

* The Preteder - Foo Fighters

Album Of The Year
* Back To Black - Amy Winehouse

Song Of The Year
* Like A Star - Corinne Bailey Rae, songwriter

Best New Artist
* Feist

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
* 1234 - Feist

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
* Dance Tonight - Paul McCartney

Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
* Window In The Skies - U2

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
* Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On) - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

Best Pop Instrumental Performance
* One Week Last Summer - Joni Mitchell

Best Pop Vocal Album
* The Reminder - Feist

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album * James Taylor At Christmas - James Taylor

Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
* Only Mama Knows - Paul McCartney

Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
* Working Class Hero - Green Day

Best Hard Rock Performance
* I Don't Wanna Stop - Ozzy Osbourne

Best Rock Song
* Come On - Lucinda Williams

Best Rock Album
* Revival - John Fogerty

Best Alternative Music Album
* Alright, Still... - Lily Allen

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
* No One - Alicia Keys

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
* Future Baby Mama - Prince

Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals
* Disrespectful - Chaka Khan Featuring Mary J. Blige

Best Traditional Folk Album
* Dirt Farmer - Levon Helm

Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album
* My Name Is Buddy - Ry Cooder

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media
* Love - (The Beatles)

Best Historical Album
* The Live Wire - Woody Guthrie In Performance 1949

February 06, 2008


Victoria Williams, Mark Olson...
and The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers.
Live @ Kool Beanz February 6th, 2001

Funny how things happen sometimes. January 2001, I was watching the 3am re-run of The Tonight Show (I almost never watch Leno!), and on came Victoria Williams performing a track from her then latest recording Water To Drink.
Wonderful performance! That was the first time I'd seen her sing since discovering her music and becoming a fan when Pearl Jam covered her song "Crazy Mary" for the Sweet Relief CD. Sweet Relief was a compilation of artists who covered Victoria's songs to help raise cash for her after she was diagnosed with MS while on tour with Neil Young in 1991. I loved the cover versions, but loved the originals even more when I got to hear them. Wow, what an awesome/quirky songwriter & singer.

After the Tonight Show performance, I looked her up online and dropped an e-mail requesting a signed photo to hang in our coffeehouse, with a post script: "if you are ever in the area, please stop by our venue...maybe we could even book a gig. (sure!) Well, suprise! The next morning I got a message from her husband Mark Olson (who with his band the Jayhawks recorded on the Sweet Relief disc)..Mark said "thanks, sure we'll send a photo, but maybe we should book a gig since we are going to be in town in three weeks, and have an open night after we play Orlando". Hell yeah!

So we ended up with about two & a half weeks to promote the Tuesday night show, which really would have probably sold out by word of mouth! Regardless the local Florida Today newspaper gave us the cover of their Friday entertainment section TGIF (someone was hip over there!), it was the first and only time they did that with all the great talent we had come through in 4 years. At showtime we were going to turn people away, but choose to cram them all in anyway!

Victoria, Mark, and the other Creekdippers: David Wolfenberger, Mike "Raz" Russell, and Joshua Grange put on a very kool, very laid back 24 song set , for a very appreciative crowd! During the set Victoria chatted about the lovely Yerba Matte tea I made her, Al Scortino's Performers Pal, and her desire to see Florida mantees, Our friends gave them flowers, and the band orded up a round of double espressos. Someone requested "Wonderful World", the band did not know the music, so Vic tried it accapella ..once, twice, then the third time was a charm. They made us feel like we were in their living room.

The Setlist form that night:
Water to Drink, Claude, Holy Spirit
Ben Johnson's Creek
Letter From Africa
Why look at that Moon
Until the Real Thing Comes Along
Nature Boy, Diamond Davey
Hummingbird, Valentine King
Custom Detroit Railroad
U R Loved, This Moment
Harry went to Heaven
Linda Lee's
Rainbow of Your Heart
Tarbelly and Featherfoot
Little Red Bike, Wonderful World
One-eyed blackdog Moses

Opalousas, Joy of Love

photos and portrait by Java John

The band stuck around and signed a bunch of CDs, and chatted, then took off in search of the elusive manatee!

The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers Live @ Kool Beanz


The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers Live @ Kool Beanz

Diamond Davey.mp3

The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers Live @ Kool Beanz





Buy Their Music on AMAZON


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Spiritual Leader, Dies

from New York Times:

"Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced transcendental meditation to the West and gained fame in the 1960s as the spiritual guru to the Beatles, died Tuesday at his home and headquarters in Vlodrop, the Netherlands. He is believed to have been in his 90s. Steven Yellin, a spokesman for the organization, confirmed the Maharishi’s death but did not give a cause.

On Jan. 11, the Maharishi announced that his public work was finished and that he would use his remaining time to complete a long-running series of published commentaries on the Veda, the oldest sacred Hindu text.

The Maharishi was both an entrepreneur and a monk, a spiritual man who sought a world stage from which to espouse the joys of inner happiness. His critics called his organization a cult business enterprise. And in the press, in the 1960s and ’70s, he was often dismissed as a hippie mystic, the “Giggling Guru,” recognizable in the familiar image of him laughing, sitting cross-legged in a lotus position on a deerskin, wearing a white silk dhoti with a garland of flowers around his neck beneath an oily, scraggly beard." - Lily Koppel

THE BEATLES in India with the Maharishi in 1967:

Though most of the Beatles enjoyed their stay in India, toward the end John Lennon became a little disenchanted with his visit, because he believed Yogi was hitting on a young Mia Farrow who was with the group (he wrote Dear Prudence in India about her sister who was also there). John left the entourage early, and the rest of the Beatles soon followed. But, while there he wrote a few more tunes - these about The Maharishi. "Sexy Sadie" (rhymes with Maharishi) and "Everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey" - some of the phrases in the tune were those that Maharishi used. Here are a few demos of those tunes...thanks to Captain's Dead blog.

Everybody's got something to hide from Kinfauns Demos

07 - Everybody Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey.mp3

SexySadie from Kinfauns Demos

24 - Sexy Sadie.mp3

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

February 05, 2008

M4DR '05


my event poster signed by: Rick Derringer, Eddie Money, Dickey Betts, Mike Reno, Robin Zander, Michael Bolton, Dee Snider, and Mark Farner.

3 years ago tonight I attended a show that I was invited to by Rick Derringer's drummer Tom Curiale. The M4DR (Musicians For Diaster Relief) Concert at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. The Line-Up?: Rick Derringer,Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, Mark Farner, Loverboy, Twisted Sister, Michael Bolton, former Allman Brother's guitarist Dickey Betts, Jacob's Loc and TorQue, which features former members of The John Entwistle Band.

Kool and the Gang,Rick Neilson, and Brian Johnson of AC/DC bowed out of the bill, and Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night fame had to cancel at the last minute due to a family illness....and rumors of Steven Tyler showing up proved to be just that - rumors!

Proceedes from the event went to benefit: the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund (Red Cross Disaster Relief) and the John Entwistle Foundation (named for the late bassist of rock band The Who who passed away June 27, 2002, on the eve of that year's Who tour).
As for the show...what a blast! I got to hang backstage and chat with many of my rock heroes, all of whom autographed a poster I designed (commorating the event) of which six signed copies were auctioned for the cause. I watched much of the show from stage left, or from the backside of the huge screens on either side of the stage.

Half of the bill were artists that I really loved, the other half - not so much. Although I must say it was a treat to be there on the first night Twisted Sister regrouped, and Michael Bolton was surprisingly rockin' when he strapped on a Fender (guitar!).

Dickey was a little toasted, and it showed, Mike Reno was getting over a flu, but gave it hell. Eddie Money seemed tired, but Derringer was full of energy. To me Robin Zander, and Mark Farner stole the show!
When Mark plays his old Grand Funk Railroad hit "I'm Your Captain" in concert, it's always a show stopper. I've attached it and a few other tracks from a CD produced at the show (it no longer seems available). Sadly, Robin Zander and Michael Bolton did not agree to be on the CD (dogs!).

Mark Farner I'm Your Captain

Im Your Captain.mp3

Rick Derringer Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo

Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo.mp3

Twisted Sister The Price

The Price.mp3

Loverboy Working For The Weekend

Working For The Weekend.mp3





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