February 07, 2021

20yrs ago Today!! Victoria Williams/Mark Olson and Creekdippers Live Kool Beanz 2-6 -01

February 6th, 2021:
I was looking through record albums an hour ago, and in the corner under a pile of stuff was a CD sticking out. I reached over and pulled it out to see what it was and it was Victoria Williams at Kool Beanz Coffeehouse!

I’d not seen it in a half dozen years.
Son of a bitch if that show wasn’t 20 years ago today!

Thanks to Vic, Mark, Raz, and David for a great night!!
Video by Sam Malesky
Florida Today article by BruceHickman

Band was not mic'd for recording, so the mix could be better. There was some distortion on a bad CD, so I had to cut a bit, mostly towards the end.