February 07, 2021

20yrs ago Today!! Victoria Williams/Mark Olson and Creekdippers Live Kool Beanz 2-6 -01

February 6th, 2021:
I was looking through record albums an hour ago, and in the corner under a pile of stuff was a CD sticking out. I reached over and pulled it out to see what it was and it was Victoria Williams at Kool Beanz Coffeehouse!

I’d not seen it in a half dozen years.
Son of a bitch if that show wasn’t 20 years ago today!

Thanks to Vic, Mark, Raz, and David for a great night!!
Video by Sam Malesky
Florida Today article by BruceHickman

Band was not mic'd for recording, so the mix could be better. There was some distortion on a bad CD, so I had to cut a bit, mostly towards the end.


March 21, 2020


It occurred to me today to gather my radio shows and interviews together, I've done it before but they've spread out again oh, so I'm trying to collect everything that I can.
Today I came across this one, I didn't even really think it happened. LOL.
it's a short interview, but I thought I cut it shorter because of the noise interference. this one never aired on wfit, as far as I remember. It was the month after my wife died 10 years ago that I had this interview so, I was in quite a fog, to say the least.
But I'm so happy that I found it, and I am very happy to share with you all. I would appreciate it if you click the like button. If you want to make any comme
nts I appreciate that too!


September 19, 2019

Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins live in Orlando 2019!

Jenny Lewis and the Watson twins live in Orlando 2019!

Much thanks to
Jenny Lewis,
the Watson twins,
The Beacham theater in Orlando,
and Katrina!