March 29, 2009


After a wonderful interview with Ted Neeley last week on my radio show "An Acoustic Record" on WFIT, Ted invited my family and I to be his guest for today's afternoon performance of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR at the King Center in Melbourne Florida. (by the way, keep checking back to their case you missed it, the interview will soon be podcast on WFIT - and possibly Ted Neeley's site!)

What a performance it was! Wow. In his 66th year, Ted as Jesus is in just as fine a voice as he was in the 1973 motion picture! And as my wife pointed out - he still looks great. The whole cast was truly powerful. The "scaffold" set was not what I would have expected at first, but ended up being a surprisingly effective tool...with some very kool effects that I won't give away right now in case you get a chance to see the show.

Ted taking bows with the beautiful and talented Cristina Sass (as Mary Magdalene) . In a role I can only imagine Yvonne Elliman in, this young lady nailed it...I think she will go far in show biz.

After the bows, Ted took the time to give thanks the local and the production's crew for all their efforts. He also thanked the touring band, and all the fans for making the whole Jesus Christ Superstar phenomenon possible.

Cristina, Ted, and James Delisco (Judas) exiting the stage. James proved to have an incredible stage presence filling the shoes of the late Carl Anderson (R.I.P.)

Above is a poster I designed commemorating the performance. Mr. Neeley truly loved it, and kindly autographed one for me and one for my son.

While we were visiting backstage, Ted also graciously signed more copies of my poster that will be used as premiums for WFIT's Fund Drive tonight, and a benefit for HorseSisters in three weeks (more info on how to get one below).

Ted is a very kind man, not only signing the posters for us, but spending about a half hour with us in between shows - even when the staff and handlers were trying to rush us out, and (his very kind) daughter was giving him his dinner. He told us it was more important to him to connect with us (and other fans), to him it's what provides that extra energy and makes it all worthwhile.
Thank you so much for all your efforts Ted. Your a saint!

My wife Jen, son Dylan and I with Ted.


3 of these posters will be available as special premiums for WFIT's Fund Drive Tonight (March 30th) during my program AN ACOUSTIC RECORD from 10pm-midnight (eastern time).

For a pledge or $50.00 you will recieve a copy of my original art, signed by Ted Neeley himself, and personally inscribed to you by myself. PLEASE CALL Us WITH YOUR PLEDGE between 10pm-midnight 321-674-8950 or toll-free 1-800-403-9431

3 of these posters will be available as 'auction' items for the HorseSisters fundraiser.

Drop me an email ( - with Ted Neely Poster in the subject line) and I will give you details on where to send a check for HorseSisters Inc.



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