April 17, 2008

La la la la la lovely Linda...

....with the lovely flowers in her hair.

September 24, 1941 – April 17, 1998

10 years ago today Paul McCartney lost his one true love of thirty years. They said that the only time they ever spent apart in all those years, was the few days that he spent in a Japanese jail (for the infamous pot bust).

Prior to meeting Paul, she had become a respected Rock n Roll photographer, first shooting The Rolling Stones during a record promotion party, then she was asked to be the house photographer at the Fillmore East concert hall. She has shot iconic photos of such artists as Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, The Who, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Simon and many others.

just a few of Linda's famous photos...of course Paul, Beatles, Janis, Jimi, Dylan, Lennon and Stills.

I personally became a big fan of her work when her first international Gallery Tour opened in Miami in 1982 in support of her wonderful first book "Photographs". A beautiful book, and a beautiful show, I only regret missing the McCartneys on opening weekend!

Besides being Lady McCartney, and an internationally acclaimed photographer, Linda was a well known vegetarian and author of the health food books "Linda's Kitchen". Linda also supported many charitable organizations such as PETA, Friends Of The Earth, and the League Against Cruel Sports.

Oh yeah, and although she's taken a ribbing in the press for some bad background vocals in concert caught on tape, she was on third of the core group WINGS with Paul and Denny Laine... playing keyboards and background vocals on many of the bands biggest hits (and lending vocals on records by the likes of James Taylor, Ringo Starr, and Mike McGear).

She was outspoken about pot, stating that hard drugs were disgusting, but marijuana "is pretty lightweight". Linda was arrested in Los Angeles for possession of marijuana in 1975, In 1984, Paul and Linda were arrested in Barbados for possession of weed and were fined $200, when they arrived home at Heathrow Airport, Linda was arrested again on charges of possession. Ooops.

People will say what they will about the Beatle's wives, mostly Linda & Yoko, but the fact remains Paul and Linda were indeed soul mates, and it's evident that for Paul even 10 years later, Linda's his one true love.

Linda passed away from breast cancer that too soon grew worse and spread to her liver.
Paul suggests that fans remember her by donating to breast-cancer research charities that do not support animal-testing...."or the best tribute — go veggie!". See the links below.

"Seaside Woman", a single record released in 1977 by an obscure band called Suzy and the Red Stripes, was really Wings with Linda McCartney on lead vocals.
Wide Prairie, Linda's only solo album, (which included "Seaside Woman"), was released posthumously in 1998.

Here is "Cook of the House" from Wide Prairie, and Linda reading a few of her recipes on her "Cook of the House" segment on Paul's syndicated radio show OobuJoobu, these are really fun to listen to.
Rest in Peace Lovely Linda.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thank you so much for this great post!

I can't imagine the loss Paul felt when she died. I've never been a big fan Paul's but I always liked Linda. Although these days I do feel bad for the bloke - he really blew it on wife #2 and literally has had to pay for that mistake.