February 20, 2008



REBA, Phish, February 20th, 1993
(Atlanta, GA - Roxy Theater)

Okay, you may be thinking of another REBA. She's not here. The Reba we are talking about is a song by the band Phish. An epic masterpiece, it is considered by many to be the band at their best, and on this particular night, the best performance of said song. This is the 15th Anniversary of the classic performance at the Roxy in Atlanta.

I just finished listening to this version REBA for the first time, and yes(!) it is quite a number. Reminds me of Uncle Frank Zappa, and indeed shows of the technical and artistic prowess of the band. A band that is always at their best live. Below you will find an MP3 of the tune (thanks to Andy Gadiel's Phish Blog), but first....

...The real reason for posting tonight, this book PHANART: The Art of the Fans of Phish
The book is not-for-profit, with the creator, Pete Mason, donating all net proceeds to charity, specifically, the Mockingbird Foundation, for music education. he's been selling shirts and posters on his website, www.phanart.net, to help defray costs of putting the book together. check them out and pick one up -its all for a good cause. The poster/shirt is 'what i learned on phish tour', and the other shirt is 'golgi/google', reminscent of the many corporate logo spoofs phish fans made over the years. support Phanart and support music education!

The commeorative poster I drew for the Phish Big Cypress NYE2000 Concert is included in the book, as well as a few other of my pieces.

Our friend Chief Jim Billie (who performed at our coffeehouse 11/99) invited us to the Big Cypress concert...the show featured the Phish performing 5 sets (for a total of 18 hours) over the final two evenings of the last millennium (until sunrise on the first day of 2000) for about 90,000 delirious phans. I had no idea that drawing Phish posters had been a tradition among the band's fans for years! A few years later, Pete contacted me after he saw my poster online and invited my to be a part of this wonderful book...can't wait for it to be published! Below are also a few MP3's from Big Cypress including one of the opening numbers with Chief Jim Billie, and the one that aired on ABC television that night .

A few other the other many, many artists featured in PHANART: The Art of the Fans of Phish: Scramble Campbell, Ryan Kerrigan, Kurt Vonnegut, Noah Phence, Dysphunktion Junction, and Rick Benson.

Click Here to Listen to my Interview with Phanart Pete

Reba 2/20/93 Atlanta


Chief Jim Billie and Phish

08 Big Alligator Song.mp3

Heavy Things at Big Cypress and on ABC TV

02 Heavy Things.mp3






Chief Jim Billie Music

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