February 05, 2008

M4DR '05


my event poster signed by: Rick Derringer, Eddie Money, Dickey Betts, Mike Reno, Robin Zander, Michael Bolton, Dee Snider, and Mark Farner.

3 years ago tonight I attended a show that I was invited to by Rick Derringer's drummer Tom Curiale. The M4DR (Musicians For Diaster Relief) Concert at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. The Line-Up?: Rick Derringer,Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, Mark Farner, Loverboy, Twisted Sister, Michael Bolton, former Allman Brother's guitarist Dickey Betts, Jacob's Loc and TorQue, which features former members of The John Entwistle Band.

Kool and the Gang,Rick Neilson, and Brian Johnson of AC/DC bowed out of the bill, and Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night fame had to cancel at the last minute due to a family illness....and rumors of Steven Tyler showing up proved to be just that - rumors!

Proceedes from the event went to benefit: the Florida Hurricane Relief Fund (Red Cross Disaster Relief) and the John Entwistle Foundation (named for the late bassist of rock band The Who who passed away June 27, 2002, on the eve of that year's Who tour).
As for the show...what a blast! I got to hang backstage and chat with many of my rock heroes, all of whom autographed a poster I designed (commorating the event) of which six signed copies were auctioned for the cause. I watched much of the show from stage left, or from the backside of the huge screens on either side of the stage.

Half of the bill were artists that I really loved, the other half - not so much. Although I must say it was a treat to be there on the first night Twisted Sister regrouped, and Michael Bolton was surprisingly rockin' when he strapped on a Fender (guitar!).

Dickey was a little toasted, and it showed, Mike Reno was getting over a flu, but gave it hell. Eddie Money seemed tired, but Derringer was full of energy. To me Robin Zander, and Mark Farner stole the show!
When Mark plays his old Grand Funk Railroad hit "I'm Your Captain" in concert, it's always a show stopper. I've attached it and a few other tracks from a CD produced at the show (it no longer seems available). Sadly, Robin Zander and Michael Bolton did not agree to be on the CD (dogs!).

Mark Farner I'm Your Captain

Im Your Captain.mp3

Rick Derringer Rock 'n' Roll Hoochie Koo

Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo.mp3

Twisted Sister The Price

The Price.mp3

Loverboy Working For The Weekend

Working For The Weekend.mp3





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