August 04, 2008

OBAMA in FLORIDA: Brevard!

Bright and early on August 2nd an excited crowd started lining up for entry to Barack Obama's first public appearance in Brevard County. Many arriving before sun-up for the 8:30am door opening. (all photos, except where noted, were taken by my brother and I)

A general admission ticket, which were handed out free to a lucky 1000 people.

The crowd anxiously awaits.....

My gang believing in Change.

My Volunteer pass.

The Senator takes the stage (some of the crowd singing Happy Birthday) Today, August 4th, is his birthday.

Our next President speaks for about 25 minutes....

then fields questions for another half hour from the crowd.

After a standing ovation (many Space Coast residents pleased with his plans for NASA and keeping jobs in Brevard), Obama says goodbye. Stopping to shake hands and fist bump with many excited fans.

This is a photo (by Rik Jesse) of Barack first bumping with a young man in a hat which appeared (in black and white) in Sunday's edition of the FLORIDA TODAY Newspaper....

...this is MY photo, coincidentally shot at the same time from behind that young man with the hat!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Obama has left the building.

The button I designed based on the poster I made for Barack's visit to Orlando in May.

My wife finally got her book signed!

Brevard's Finest motorcade awaiting the Senators departure.





Anonymous said...


I gave this post a shout out over at my FT blog Talk to Me.

Feel free to stop by and comment about the Titusville event. :)

Obama is definitely shaking things up among Brevard conservatives!

Sheree S.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't find your email address on your website.

If you would like, email me at

I can't wait to hear which one of my crazy family members you might know!


Thanks for stopping by Talk to Me.
We Obama type must stick together in this conservative town!