July 21, 2008



I'm very pleased to announce that starting TONIGHT I will be back on the Radio Waves! The good people over at WFIT (Public Radio for Brevard County) have offered me a time slot to revive my radio program (know called) AN ACOUSTIC RECORD with "Java" John.

After a wonderful in-studio introduction Sunday Afternoon by Fred Migliore, on his FM Odyssey show (10am -1pm Sundays), I will officially begin tonight...bringing you the best from 50 years of Rock n Roll, Folk, Soul, and Blues, not necessarily always acoustic, but (I think) always interesting - crossing genres, generations, and the grooves.

I also have a penchant for live music, so I'll be playing plenty of live album cuts and bringing special guests in the studio to perform live for you. Some previous in studio guests have included: Larry Coryell & Tracey Piergross; Freebo; Jack Williams; Monica Rabino; Al Scortino & norm mcdonald; Simone; Billy Chapman; Bill Rice; Lathan Hudson; Sheryl Paige; Robin & Eddy; Bill & Eli Perras; Alesandra Valenzuela; Moon Shine Blue; and Laura & 7 to name a few.

In the past, I've also had the pleasure of interviewing some of my heroes over the phone, and I plan on bringing you more of those as well. Past interviews include: Dave Davies (Kinks); artist Peter Max; Arlo, Sarah Lee, and Nora Guthrie; Pete Seeger; Legendary Producer Keith Olsen; Ray Manzarek of The Doors; Ian Gillan of Deep Purple; Mark Farner (Grand Funk); Mark Volman (The Turtles); Charlie Daniels; Ray Stevens; James Lowe (The Electric Prunes); Question (? Mark and the Mysterians); Livingston Taylor; Kate Taylor, and Alexa Ray Joel (Billy’s daughter) and many more.

So remember: Please Tune In Monday Nights from 10pm - Midnight for An Acoustic Record with "Java" John! ....and if you are not a local - you can listen on-line: www.wfit.org

Many Thanks Todd, and all the folks over at WFIT for bringing me on board! I'm pleased to be on board.

Along with Fred Migliore's FM Odyssey, there are many other great programs on WFIT, some of which I've been listening to for years! Including - Blair Clark's C'est la Vie; Rob Killam: Celtic Tapestry; Bill Stuart: Folk, Bluegrass and More!; Reverend Billy's Revival; DJ Joni-O: The Stray Cat Lounge; and Jack Simpson's Jazz on the Beach. Tune in and get a taste of radio the way it's supposed to be. Remember - ALWAYS SUPPORT PUBLIC RADIO!


Serving Up Some Tunes by Breuse Hickman

Back in the day (circa 2000) we loved hanging out among the acoustic elite at Kool Beanz in Cocoa Village. Unfortunately, the coffeehouse closed in 2003, but owner "Java" John Goldacker, above, has remained a force on the local music scene. And now you can feel that vibe again thanks to WFIT-FM (89.5). His show "An Acoustic Record" airs from 10 p.m. to midnight Mondays. His show will cover 50 years of rock 'n' roll, folk, soul and blues. Despite the show's title, Goldacker says you might hear a little electric action as well. After all, it is his show.

WFIT seems is the perfect fit an old soul like Goldacker, whose laid back style probably would not fit the voice tracking culture of corporate radio. The radio's format also allows him to bring in local artists who will play their music live in the studio.
"I basically play what I want," Goldacker said. "Particularly live recordings. I'll bring my music to the studio and decide then what I'll play."

Goldacker was introduced a few weeks ago to the WFIT audience via Fred Migliore, whose "FM Odyssey" show airs 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sundays on WFIT.
You can expect some overlap among artists and genres, but that doesn't make them similar in appeal. "What drives our programs is personality," Migliore said. "It goes back to the early '70s when FM was a rock force and you tuned into certain (music) shows because you liked the DJs."

WFIT (Public Radio for Brevard County, Florida)

AN ACOUSTIC RECORD MYSPACE (interview samples)


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